Our Services

We at Drwazah Engineering Company provide various engineering solutions in addition to our various engineering services.
of them:

  • Arbitiration & Amicable Settlments
  • Mediation & Reconciliation
  • Fire & Safety Accrididation
  • Security Accrididation
  • Landscaping
  • Architechtural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Interior Design
  • MEP Designs
  • Project Management

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Professional Engineering Service, serving clients all over the kingdom.

At Drwazah we are able to offer a very wide range of services to help you achieve your goals. Our client-centered focus and process-oriented workflows, combined with the power of a BIM production platform, bring value and efficiency to you as a client and partner.

Our Teams teams are committed to understanding and catering to your needs whilst bringing the benefits of the extensive knowledge base of our local and international staff. We believe that any design should consider client needs and improve the surrounding environment at the same time. By using advanced tools such as Revit and other BIM programs our teams constantly study the implications of design challenges throughout the design process.

Why Drwazah?

Accredited from Saudi Engineering Council

At Drwazah Engineering we bring Added Value Ensuring  excellence in all of our work, ideally creating  and encouraging people to live in a more sustainable and comfortable way.


  • Excellence in design.
  • Honest, accurate, fast and reliable service. Continuous improvement of services.
  • Honest, accurate, fast and reliable service.
  • Sharing enthusiasm and knowledge using spi technology.

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Our Services

Drwazah Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering

We have a multidisciplinary approach and rich experience that enables us to design various projects, taking into account innovation, profitability, quality, and the working environment. We implement the interaction between engineering departments so that we can follow the implementation process of each project to overcome any complexities.

Drwazah Architectural Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Drwazah Engineering provides the best MEP services in Saudi Arabia with years of experience in Mechanical – HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, & Fire Fighting Engineering. All of our designers and engineers are active in suggesting green building designs as much as possible. Sustainable energy plays an important role in the Kingdom.

Drwazah Architectural Engineering

Fire & Safety Engineering

Drwazah was one of the main teams to be certified and plays a role in the design and construction approval of security and fire systems in many official agencies such as Civil Defense and MODON. Drwazah in contribution to these agencies, works to improve the quality of building security, fire & safety in the Kingdom system.

our services

Structural Engineering

Innovation and ingenuity come together in our engineering structure. Through our experience of challenging the limits of structural engineering, we have made creative art highly efficient, technically innovative and economically assemblable. Our teams have the multidisciplinary experiences, capacity and resources necessary to manage projects in several fields.

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Project Management

From start to finish, we plan, execute and control the project supported by proactive planning Known first hand of contract terms, responsibilities and capabilities. Project budgets are continuously monitored to secure budgetary and contractual compliances.

Drwazah Landscaping scaled

Landscaping Engineering

We have a multidisciplinary approach and rich experience that enables us to design all sorts of projects, taking into account innovation, profitability and quality, and the working environment • We support the interaction between different departments so that we can follow the implementation of projects and methods to overcome all complexities.

Drwazah Interior Design

Interior Design

We offer complete, turnkey design services for residential, commercial and public spaces It is a global process that begins with the design, detailed work and ends in the construction plans phase. We follow international design standards around the world to ensure a professional level compatible with the world’s leading companies.

العدل والصلح

Arbitration Engineering

Arbitration is an alternative method of resolving disputes out of court, by adjudication by an arbitrator. Arbitration procedures are, by their nature, characterized by less formal ongoing legal procedures that are characteristic of courts.


Project Supervision

Drwazah is renowned for providing highly skilled, accurate & efficient supervising services to support & improve project execution. Our Engineers are always updated with the latest Saudi Engineering building code as well as international standards that assist them in completing their tasks. 

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